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About us

Top quality for a low price

All blanks of this 4 th generation competition feeders are manufactured from high modulus carbon. All of them have SIC guides (100% Silicon carbide). The320, 350, 390, 420 & 450 have high quality SIC rings there the distance is a important factor for these rods.

All models are finished with Triple-AAA cork handles. This cork is selected upon its fine structure which is more resistant and less vulnerable that holes appear after longer use.

The 320,350 & 390 models have a spigot joint fitting which follows the action all the way. The two long distance models (420 & 450) have a through & through spigot joint system. This improves the stiffness and transports the power better to the above sections. Do we not all want to cast as far as possible and as accurate as we can!

A: Less weight in the tip (the rods feel lighter and quicker)

B: Progressive bend over the whole tip.

C: When casting the line will cause less snags because it retrieves quicker and comes to a quicker stand still than glass tips.

D: Gives the advantage to use lighter tips also on great distances.


All rods are hand build so absolute no mass production. Still we have realised very special prices there we supply you directly from the factory. So no players in between.

For all models counts: Throws better, indicates better and lands better.


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